The Recombinant Products Facility has been offering training to UNSW researchers and students for over 15 years, with its alumni now established in various prestigious institutions. In light of the recent growth in the bioprocessing field, and to address the increasing demand for skills in this area, the Recombinant Products Facility has expanded its training initiatives to include industry professionals and individuals seeking to enhance their bioprocessing skills.

We provide hands-on experience, allowing UNSW staff and students as well as industry clients to become competent in the use of RPF’s instrumentation.

Become a UNSW Registered RPF User

Staff and students from UNSW and affiliated institutes can become registered users of the RPF. This involves being trained and guided by staff to use the equipment at the facility. We can assist you in designing your project and train you at different stages of the protein production and purification pipeline. The training services provided by RPF may range from fully assisted technical support and training, for the infrequent user, to an equipment resource for the experienced user. You will be expected to provide all consumables, buffers and columns if required and will need to also undergo a full lab induction. 

To become a UNSW Registered RPF User please contact us.

Once trained, access our online booking system.


 Health and Safety links for Registered Users can be found here: