Process Development & Tech Transfer

Process development & Tech transfer

The Recombinant Products Facility offers Process Development & Tech Transfer services to our clients.

Given the complexity and cost associated with protein and biologics production and purification processes, it is crucial to enhance efficiency and profitability. This involves developing new production processes or optimising existing bio-manufacturing methods. Our operations adhere to ISO 9001 standards, ensuring thorough documentation of each project. This meticulous approach facilitates the seamless transfer of results and production methods to our clients.

Our expert team is skilled in boosting protein expression by fine-tuning fermentation conditions, with the possibility of implementing fed-batch processes to enhance biomass production. Furthermore, we specialize in the development of downstream processes, encompassing purification strategies such as depth filtration, Tangential Flow filtration, and multiple purification steps. This allows us to meet the required purity and quality standards while optimizing recovery.

To support these efforts, we maintain a wide selection of prepacked columns from various suppliers for screening during process development. Additionally, we have bulk resins and empty columns available for custom packing when scale-up is necessary to meet specific project requirements.