Sample harvest and conditioning

Harvesting bacteria for recombinant proteins

Harvesting cell cultures involves centrifugation of samples to separate cells from media. We have a large floor centrifuge that can spin 6x1L volumes. Depending on whether the recombinant protein is secreted or not, the cells or media will be kept for further processing.

In case of a secreted protein, the harvested material can be concentrated and its buffer exchanged for further purification steps. Our crossflow systems also called Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) systems including our AKTA Flux s and Merck TFF systems, ranging from 50, 1000, and up to 4500cm2 allowing ultra and microfiltration for samples from 100 mL up to more than 20L.

If the recombinant protein is not secreted into the media, cell lysis needs to be done to release the protein from the cell. The RPF staff has expertise in lysing cells using several techniques such as the Cell Disruptor (Constant Systems LTD), French press, bead beating as well as a sonication.


Harvesting process