About RPF

The Recombinant Products Facility (RPF) is a cutting-edge research facility situated within the renowned University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Our dedicated team of experts specialises in the production and purification of proteins and other biologics, offering essential services for both academic and industry researchers.

The Recombinant Products Facility has been successfully accredited ISO 9001:2015 in 2021 and now operates under a Quality management system.

Our expertiseiso logo

  •    Protein expression
  •    Protein production
  •    Sample harvest and conditioning
  •    Protein and biologics purification
  •    Protein and biologics characterisation


Our services

  •    Providing training on every aspect of the protein / biologics production pipepline to UNSW researchers and students as well as industry       
  •    Contracting capabilities offering full service for any step of a protein and biologics production and purification pipeline (upstream and downstream processing). The projects work on cater a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and pre-clinical trials applications.
  •    Process development and Tech transfer