Protein and biologics production

ferment growing bacteria

Fermenters are ideal tools for scaling up any cell-based protein production process, as they provide better control of physical parameters such as pH, agitation and dissolved oxygen levels,as well as the capacity to generate high cell densities.

A tight temperature control can be crucial during the induction phase if protein solubility is an issue. Thanks to their efficient cooling system, a fermenter temperature can decrease within minutes to reach the desired temperature of expression compared to a shake flasks, allowing the best conditions for your protein expression.

If high cell density is required, the RPF staff has demonstrated expertise in running fed-batch cultures which can increase your production yield up to 15 times compared to a normal batch culture.

We have fermenters ranging from 2L to 20L to suit your various research needs. Below are some images of fermenters from the RPF.


5L ferment 15L ferment ferment