Staff and students from UNSW and affiliated institutes can become registered users of the RPF and are charged discounted rates to use equipment at the RPF. Please see the fees for Registered RPF Users below.

Researchers from industry and non-UNSW affiliated institutes, may contact the Director of the RPF for project pricing.  Case studies of previous projects undertaken at the RPF can be found here and can illustrate fee schedules for non-UNSW researchers.

Fees for Registered RPF Users

Since January 2017, the Recombinant Products Facility is now a UNSW Network lab. A cost recovery system has been implemented and is summed up below.  A summary of the fee schedule and available instrumentation can be seen below:

Instrument types:

  • AKTA                                       
  • HPLC                                   
  • Fermentation & Centrifugation

$50 per day per type of instrument OR Annual subscription cost $1000 per person per “instrument type” for registered users.

Once $1000 in billing is reached per annum per instrument, subsequent use is free for that year.

Become a Registered RPF User

Fill in the Registration form here and email it to h.lebhar@unsw.edu.au (Hélène Lebhar, Recombinant Facility Manager).

Please note that if RPF columns or RPF consumables are used, an additional charge will be levied.

Cost assumes that media and inocula is prepared by the user. The user is assumed to be trained and will be involved in set-up, monitoring/running (RPF can help with this) and sterilisation as well as post-fermentation clean-up. Additional charges may be levied to meet these costs if the user prefers to delegate some of the preparation/cleaning steps (charged at an hourly casual rate Level 4, Step 1).