The table below summarises the available facilities for protein expression by fermentation (upstream processing),  sample harvest and conditioning (midstream processing), protein purification (downstream processing) and characterisation in the Recombinant Products Facility.

Protein expression by fermentation
Upstream processing :



Deutz system for 24 and 96 well incubation for expression screenings.

Shaking incubators

With subambient temperature capabilities. 2x Benchtop and 1x Floor shaker

Fermenters 2L capacity (New Brunswick)
  2 x 5.5L capacity (Applikon)
  10L capacity (New Brunswick)

20L capacity (New Brunswick)

Phenometrics Photobioreactor 1 x 500mL capacity


Sample harvest and conditioning  
Midstream processing :
Floor centrifuge

Up to 6x1L capacity

Cross-flow filtration 50cm2, 1000cm2, 4500cm2 cross-flow systems for microfiltration, sample concentration and buffer exchange


Protein purification
Downstream processing :  




Room temperature
ÄKTAstart Sub-ambient

Room temperature and sub-ambient

Protein characterisation  

Agilent for Analytical Size Exclusion or Reverse Phase. DAD and fluorescence detector

SDS-PAGE and Western blotting

Life Technologies Bolt system

Spectrophotometer  UV-Vis scan, microplate assays (end point and kinetics)

The RPF provides capacity to cultivate wild-type and recombinant organisms (within the boundary of its IBC license) from a scale of 0.5ml to 20L. In addition, we have a small photobioreactor.

Get in touch

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact us if you want to find out more about the capabilities of the Recombinant Products Facility and how we may be able to help produce and purify your protein at the University of New South Wales.