Access, services, training & equipment booking

The RPF staff is responsible for the management of the laboratory and have a wide experience in protein expression, production and purification.

Access to the UNSW Recombinant Products Facility is by one of two mechanisms and is for the most part, restricted to UNSW staff and students (or affiliated Institutes).

Under the first mechanism, we can assist you in designing your project and train you at different stages of the protein production and purification pipeline. The training services provided by RPF may range from a fully assisted technical support and training for the infrequent user to an equipment resource for the experienced user. You will be expected to provide all consumables, buffers and columns if required and will need to also undergo a full lab induction. Once trained, you can access to the online booking system of the facility through the following link.

The second mechanism is where RPF staff provides a full service in terms of performing fermentation, mid-stream processing and/or downstream processing. This will incur charges (contact the Director for information regarding pricing).



Fees under the first mechanism :

Since January 2017, the Recombinant Products Facility is now a UNSW Network lab. A cost recovery system is now under implementation and is summed up in the table below. This structure will be on trial and will be reviewed after a year:



Inclusions, exclusions or caveats



3 Low-Medium Pressure Systems : ÄKTAs

$50 per day per  type of instrument (The ÄKTAs are considered as one instrument and the HPLC as a separate instrument)

OR Annual subscription cost $1000 per lab per “instrument”

Once $1000 in billing is reached per annum per instrument, subsequent use is free.


If RPF columns or RPF consumables are used, an additional charges will be levied

Fermentation and Centrifugation

$50 per day per use of instrument

E.coli ferments are 2 to 3 days

Typical yeast ferments are 5 days

Cost assumes that media and inocula is prepared by the user. User is assumed to be trained and will be involved in set-up, monitoring/running (RPF can help with this) and sterilisation as well as post-fermentation clean-up. Additional charges may be levied to meet these costs if the user prefers to delegate some of the preparation / cleaning steps(charged at an hourly casual rate Level 4, Step 1).

Get in touch

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact us if you want to find out more about the capabilities of the Recombinant Products Facility and how we may be able to help produce and purify your protein at the University of New South Wales.